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Dr . Oz, Oprah's favorite MD, was asked out of all the practices that one could do, what was the one practice that he would choose and recommend people practice to stay healthy. His response was that if you want to be healthy and live to 100, do Qigong. Dr. Oz added that Qigong reverses the aging process. Learn the secrets and the correct way to practice Qigong for physical, mental emotional and spiritual health.

Next QiGong Retreat: January 3-10 2017, Prana Del Mar Baja Mexico

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QiGong and Tai Chi class descriptions

“Flowing water never stagnates, and the hinges of an active door never rust”

“Spring and Autumn Annals” text (770-476 B.C)

Fundamentals of Dao Yin Training

Throughout China’s vast medical history, the discipline of the posture, breath, and mind was regularly recommended and practice for strengthening deficient Jing (essence), Qi(energy), and Shen(spirit). This class will teach you Dao Yin disciplines derived from a long history of experience in preventive medicine dated as far back as Shang Dynasty (1600-1028 B.C.). The same principle of movement applies to the body’s Jing, Blood and Qi. 

 When Jing does not flow, Qi and Blood stagnate. The softly flowing movements of the Medical QiGong exercises enhance and increase the flow of the body’s Qi and blood.

This set of exercises is known as Dao Yin training and divided into Yang Movements (Dynamic action) and Yin Movements (Static Quiescence). Both Static and Dynamic Dao Yin GiGong movements supplement each other.

Dao Yin training includes three categories:

  • Postural Dao Yin Training (supplements the production of essence) - movements
  • Respiratory Dao Yin Training (transforms essence into energy) - breathing
  • Mental Dao Yin Training (transform energy into spirit) - meditation

Five Folic Animals QiGong

Many of the earliest known Medical QiGong exercises were derived from the movements of animals. “Five Animal Folics” set is one of the oldest form of Medical QiGong exercises still used in China today.

In this class you will practice the skill of inhalation and exhalation using and mimicking animal sounds as well as animal movements of tiger, deer, bear, crane, and monkey.

Healing Sounds of QiGong

This class is designed to give you an understand of different vibrated sounds. This sound therapy is a physical approach that can be tailored to bring about change in the physical, emotional, spiritual or mental arenas. Practice resonating the sounds and feel the physical effect of the exercises on your body. Enjoy composing mantras, using the power of your own voice, coupled with the healing properties of each individual sound, to address your areas of concern and consolidate your strengths.

Tai Chi Shen Gong

In this class you will experience:

  • gathering of healing Qi from Earth,
  • gathering of healing Qi from Heaven
  • blending of Heaven and Earth Qi with human energy
  • alchemical freeing of the Source Within

(class is designed for people with limited mobility, impaired due to chronic conditions, elderly)

These softly flowing movements are performed in a sitting position to minimize the stress on low limbs, hips and low back.

The experience of the opening of the heart and a mind that has become one with the heart. When the heart is open and when the mind has come to rest in the space of the heart, then and only then can true healing become possible.

QiGong for women

Since most of the QiGong and Tai Chi classes are taught by male instructors, distinction of women’ training is under-considered. This class is specially designed with consideration of woman’s physiology. Class addresses common issues related to woman’s health, such as PMS, abnormal menstrual cycle, migraines, cysts, and fibroses. You will also learn how to rebuild Jing (essence) after the childbirth and how to preserve/rebuild kidney Yin energy, which plays a crucial role at pre- and after menopause (loss of kidney Yin Qi is related to hot flushes conditions).

Self-healing massage and point therapy

These self-healing massage techniques are specifically designed to disperse stagnations and Excess conditions as well as to activate and regulate the energetic flow within the body’s external and internal channels thereby increasing the energy flow.

These massage techniques can be practiced from either a lying, sitting or standing posture.

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